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A Day to Remember

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Today, October 11th, is the anniversary of the day I finally met Milagro. The horse who had lived in my thoughts and in my heart for so many months, was suddenly before me. He looked me in the eye and welcomed me into his world, and I have been with him, in that special place, ever since.

I say he lived in my heart and in my mind because while he was living in his place of despair and suffering, I saw him. I felt him, and I sensed something beyond what common boundaries allow us to feel. Milagro has a unique way of reaching beyond those walls, and I believe he was reaching out to me even in those days before we met. Guiding me along, egging my soul to find him.

In the picture below you see two souls who were finally united in a way that only the universe or some other force beyond our imagination can explain. An eternal bond was revealed on this day. From the outside it looks like a simple gesture of appreciation, but for me it was the beginning of taking my life back. Of reuniting myself with the girl who had lost her way. And for Milagro, I believe he found his place of belonging and finding family. It was simply meant to be.

Now, seven years later, we are living the life I dreamed of. He has come so far in his recovery and continues to show me that no matter how badly beaten down you can feel, there is always hope on the other side. He has shown me that living with your heart open means it will lead you to your place someday. That place for me is with him, in the field, in the barn, or most importantly, in my heart. Milagro will always have a sacred chamber in my heart. Happy Anniversary my friend.

The Day we Met

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