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Lessons of the Heart From a Little Horse in Cabo


He pulled at Christie’s heartstrings the first time she laid eyes on him. Milagro, a broken-down horse tied to a fence in the sweltering heat of the Baja sun. Left to fend for himself along with his herd, something in his soulful eyes resonated in her. She felt as though she knew him. She felt his spirit; she recognized his resilience and his character.

Living abroad had not been easy for Christie. A sudden move south had been necessary as the Great Recession pushed her husband Keith to move his job, and their lives, to Mexico. There, Christie begins to struggle with her health, and finding her footing in this new place.

As fate would have it, she and Milagro meet in a way that only destiny could explain, and they form an eternal bond that will carry them through life’s ups and downs. And as Christie and her husband decide to make their way back to the mountains, they face a daunting task: how to bring Milagro with them.

Life is chock-full of surprises as the journey unfolds to get this family back to Utah. Along the way Milagro shows Christie the value of living life in the moment and the importance of letting go.

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