Government Sets Fire to Yosemite

That's quit a headline don't you think? If that headline hit the media on any given day the story would go viral. It would spread around the globe and back again as quickly as you can read this post. But the government has not set fire to Yosemite. Or to any other National Park for that matter. Yet those places are keenly familiar to us. They were given protection under President Teddy Roosevelt. He was a conservationist at heart. Theodore Roosevelt was the first President to

Phoenix, the Little Filly Who Could

I have been at a loss for words lately. After the five days of round ups and with 434 horses now in captivity, my heart and my mind feel empty. So much was poured into stopping the round ups. People of all walks of life from across the globe stepped up to speak out. Congressional members tweeted and pleaded for our administration to step in, children wrote letters and painted pictures, movie stars used their influence to bring light to this atrocity. Documentarians shared ama

Freedom Means but One Thing, Free

I have been sharing to my social media pages like like crazy lately. With all sorts of articles, photos and posts about the Wild Horses, my Facebook and Twitter accounts have been buzzing. It has been close to five years now when I went on my first trip to Europe that I have posted this much. But the posts are not about me. They are about the Onaqui. If you are my friend, you know my heart has always lied with animals of all kinds. Horses in particular. And the Wild Horses o

A Walk With the Wild

Imagine a world where our humanely problems don't exist. There is no such thing as a global pandemic, social inequalities, political upheaval, war, mass shootings, lack of housing, the homeless and the jobless. Imagine it, and walk with me. Out onto the range of the Onaqui, Utah's iconic wild horses. Where time stands still, as it has for almost 300 years. Here, fathers battle to protect their families. Mothers give birth, nurture, nuzzle and raise their foals with devout a

The home stretch of self publishing

Boy, as we say in the sadddle, it has been one rocky ride! The ups and downs of self publishing have certainly opened my eyes. Just when you think your in the home stretch, along comes another obstacle to tackle. I have to admit though, even when it feels overwhelming, I remind myself how fortunate I am to be able to be in the drivers seat and make so many decisions. It has taught me how to trust in myself. It has not been easy at times, many times. But, as the book takes sha

Biting the Dust

Horseback riding can be tricky business

A New Year

Milagro, a gift beyond measure

Hurricanes, Horses And A New Outlook on Life

It has been several weeks now since Hurricane Odile marched into town. A record breaking Category 3 storm with winds that topped out at Category 4 to 5 levels, it dealt a hefty blow to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Weather records date back as far as the late 1800’s for the Baja Penninsula. During this time there has never been a storm of this severity. There have been hurricanes, yes, but nothing the likes of Odile. This one was a monster all of itself. The winds and nature of the