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  • Christie Bonham

A New Year

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

The New Year is here and we are very happy to welcome 2015! Milagro and I had a wonderful holiday season here in Cabo. The trail riding has been exceptional. One of the bonuses to Hurricanes means, no fences. No fences equals lots of wide open spaces to investigate!

The Holidays are truly a special time of year. And in a place like Cabo where we have lots of people who come to get out of the cold and spend the winter, its extra special I think. Those of us who are here full time enjoy seeing our neighbors and friends around town once again. They bring with them stories of their summer, and a new fresh energy and excitement. The community gathers together at annual fund raisers for our non profit organizations. And there is always the fun of shopping for your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Being that Cabo is like an Island, everything here has to be trucked down from the Mainland. Finding those coveted ingredients to wow your friends and loved ones takes a special sort of dedication. But it really does make the Holiday that much more meaningful.

November brought us together again with our favorite riding companions too. Some of which are originally from Canada, they too spend part of the year up North. The high season is the time we get to spend the most time together. And like the snowbirds that flock to these parts they bring the change in climate with them. Oh what a treat to go riding mid day, in a flannel shirt and warm leggings again. Its taken me a few years now to realize that there really are four seasons here. For me this is the the best season of all and makes for some lovely time with my boy Milagro. With all the foliage in bloom from the summer rains, the desert explodes and the colors of Baja come to life. Its as if all things are possible with the turn of the calendar to a New Year.

Milagro and Me

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